by jadeworm

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winter and summer, gaining and losing, ups and downs, and everything in between


released August 10, 2015

thx tommy, eddie, kyle, alex, wes, pat, & the inspiration for 3/6 of this ep



all rights reserved


jadeworm Easton, Connecticut

ct bedroom music

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Track Name: habitual
i wanna know how you feel. i wanna know what you think about me.
when i want to touch your face it makes me wonder how you taste.
i want to be the only one.
when you kiss me, i'm alive. you don't kiss me.
Track Name: long island sound of silence
I am alone. You made me whole. I can't live like this. You, the hypocrite.

And I wonder do you think of me when you're falling asleep? I know I do. I just want to be half of what I was to you, ten times what they were to you.

Breathe in the influence, dream of me in ignorance.

No one likes a sadboy, that's just common sense, but when the world is at a standstill it's hard to sport a grin. Can't we just be happy that none of us are dead? No one likes a sadboy, that's why you're in my head.

No one likes a sadboy.
Track Name: cigar tobacco (party)
i cough till it feels like my lungs have turned inside out. it's funny how you never know how much is too much until you've had it. i'm definitely 3.5 times done with whatever it is that i'm doing right here, but isn't that just supposed to be fun?
i'm probably screwing something up right now, unless everyone else here is feeling alone.

my cheeks are raw and red from the bitter freezing wind, but the stuffy heated basement air soothes me. no seats left - they're all taken by my "friends." i just stand in the corner, and hope nobody sees me.
i'm probably going to keep doing this... is this what it means to be alone?

minutes and hours fly by as quickly as the years. in that basement floor i see myself: always there, never noticed. day by day i go on and on. time passes without end, but can i fill the void?
Track Name: rain on fire tower
A stack of CDs in the car, I don't want to listen to any of them. I just want to sit here in silence and watch the rain fall down.

Rain falls like my expectations. Hopes and dreams collide. Rain falls, just like my eyelids, trying to keep me awake.

I've got a white t-shirt, it's spreading so thin, like my hair, like my frame, like my patience: it's broken. I've broken so many things: windshields and screen doors, but I'm all new to breaking bones.
Track Name: old reliable
flying high
losing balance
on a hill
burning lungs
ringing ears
faded shirt
dried up eyes
spotted face
claw the flesh
broken spine
nothing there

empty bones
hollow eyes
cobra fingers
kingdom come

heavy heart and heavy hands
the only one who understands
worldly fibers tear apart
it devours my beating heart
screaming violently inside
it's my crisis and my pride
shards of glass stick out my throat
i could fix this but i won't
Track Name: kid b
there's something about being outside when the sun goes down. the landscape darkens. when night rolls in, i ask one thing: will these days keep in mind?

the chemical pursuit weighs on my heart. i can't hold back from need.
my lungs are black, burning subsides. i can't hold back from this, at least not in time.